Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm Back! And I brought some whales!

Hello everyone! It has been so long since I have been around! But I have an excuse (like always....) First, I have been reading like CRAZY! literally.
Second, I am in the middle of starting a website! I am going to stop blogging here on blogger, move to a new blogging platform!
Third, I have been working on the project below, working it in-between the books I have been reading! So Here is my most recent project!

My Mom's cousin is pregnant, and expecting a boy! So I thought I would make him a little something! His bedroom theme is nautical, and the color scheme is dark blue, light blue, and green! so I make him a hat, using those colors!

(Notice the book in the background?!? ;D)
 And then, I thought I would make a something relating to the sea! so I make a baby whale,.... and then I thought, hey why not make a Mommy whale too?! So I did! here is the little pair!
Aren't they cute?!

Mommy whale

Baby whale (Look how tiny!)

 Well That's all folks! Hope you all have a splendorific day!
Also, I will post more information once I have finished setting up my new website! so stay posted!