Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Christmas Tree Hunt!

So yesterday, we went with some friends to pick out our Christmas tree! It was my first time ever getting a real tree! Since we moved, we now have the room for a real one!
I took this picture on the way there, it's a little blury due to the fact we were driving, but I thought it looked pretty neat! Almost like a painting!

So these next few picture are of snow in the trees needles! I love these pictures!

Trees out in a field! This picture was a bit washed out so I just darkened the contrasting colors!

A tree aisle! There were rows upon rows of trees! We wanted the perfect one, and we finally found one that we all liked!

We brought it home and let it rest over night. And we will probably decorate it today! 
Well gotta go! 
Have a great day!

I bought an iPod touch a few days ago, all pictures in the post were taken with it! I'm loving the camera feature! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Sweet Sixteenth!

I was born 16 years ago today, November 24th 1997. I am 16 years old!

Though when you have a birthday you normally don't feel a real change, when you turn 16 it's kind of a big deal!
Turning from 15 to 16 is like turning from a young lady to a young woman!
And I Thank the Lord for the 16 wonderful years he has blessed me with here on this earth!
So my Mom and Dad threw a sweet sixteen party for me last Friday!
It was decorated totally my style!
Crazy colors! Owls! Everything! I loved it! (Thanks Mom! It was awesome!)
We had a lot of people who came, and it made me feel so special!
I am truly blessed to have such an Amazing family and church family, who care about me, and love me, and I thank the Lord for them!
They willingly offered to bring a dish, and we had a wonderful meal and great company!

When a Birthday comes, though it's not everything, getting gifts is always fun, and I think I got too many! ;P I feel spoiled now!
Here are some that I can think of off the top of my head.....
A Family from our Church bought me this bag from the company thirty-one, and it has the cutest owls on it! and guess what!?! They FILLED it with yarn! I love the colors they picked out too! so excited to make stuff with it all, I don't know where to begin!

My Nana bought me perfume, and nail polish, and this cute little scare crow owl!

So I am really into mustaches, and last year for my birthday my family bought me these....
They are called Sun-Staches! :)

LOVE them! :D
And this year, our Pastor's family bought me this pen! when you push the Mustache down it says in a deep voice... "Well hello there"

and this bank that says stash! Love the plaid!


My Aunt gave me a Bowling ball! My very own! And Bowling shoes! aren't they cute!?! I love them! I cannot wait to go bowling!

Another Aunt, bought me TONS of chocolate, and guess what!?! it's all Dark chocolate! my absolute favorite! And I didn't even tell her! My sister said I can keep my chocolate under my Pillow now....hmmm. :D

I have been wanting a pair of converse for awhile now. I had a pair of Rocket dogs, that look similar, but I really wanted to get a pair of converse, so my aunt Bought me a pair of black ones! They are a little Big, so I am going to exchange them for a different size, but I love them! :)

So my friend from Church is an Amazing cake decorator and cookie decorator! and she made me this Beautiful cake! I loved it! The colors are so bright, and she had edible glitter ALL OVER IT! (and I LOVE Glitter!) it was so pretty!

Check out her Etsy shop, and see what other great things she can make!

Now my sister went all out.... I had no clue she was planning this! It was so sweet!
She bought me a Dark chocolate Bar (It was delicious!)
two stuffed animal owls, one a key chain and one not, the brand is called beanie ballz and they are So CUTE! :)
then she was shopping on Etsy and she bought me these necklaces, one of them I have been wanting, and the other was one that she liked! Are they not Beautiful? I love them!
I was so excited when I opened it! She is so sweet sometimes! :)

and she bought me this ring! with a cute little owl on it!
This Morning, being Sunday we get up early for church, and one thing that we always do for our birthday is we get a special breakfast.
Well my dad wanted to surprise me, so he got up early and went to McDonalds and bought me breakfast!
An egg white delight McMuffin, Hash browns and a White chocolate mocha coffee!
and he brought it to me to have Breakfast in bed!
Thanks Dad!
then from My Mom and Dad, I got, This Awesome house key with a treble clef on it! I LOVE it!

They also Bought me a Mustache flash drive and it's hot pink! I will post pictures of it later! :)

I had a very good Birthday! And I cannot wait for thanksgiving! :)
Well I have to go now!
Also, I am working on a gift for my cousin who's birthday is the day after mine! :) (Will post pictures soon!)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall is in the air! (Leaves too)

Hey everyone! so I have been gone too long! I have not had much time for posting.
Fall is in the air! All the leaves are falling from the tree's and the weather is turning cold! I love fall! Except for the back breaking part (raking) near the end :P

And we have our work cut out for us. we don't have any tree's in our front yard, but as you can see, we get all of our neighbors. We can hardly see the grass! So that's the only part I don't like about fall, but it still is beautiful

Here are some things I have been working on in the crochet department!

OK, So I am a teen, without a job, or a regular income, so I am constantly scouring the internet for free crochet patterns! A friend of ours asked if I could crochet them some dishcloth's so I went to the internet (Pinterest) and found this really cute, and really easy pattern for dishcloths!

I found this Pattern on Lulu Belle Designs. And it is Super easy to Make! I made two rather quickly, so this is a great easy gift! Here are a two pictures of the ones I made!

It may be hard to see, but this is the texture it turns out to be.
So I made another Market bag by Daisy Cottage Design's Pattern.
and I love how to color's turned out! This is probably my favorite one so far!

Here is a Close up of the color's! I love it!

 So Make sure you check out Daisy Cottage designs for the pattern of the Market bag, and LuLu Belle Designs for the dishcloth pattern!
Have a great day!