Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Beautiful Day!

It was a Very Beautiful day today!  was out in the yard this afternoon to take some pictures of some of my crocheted objects, so I decided to snap a Few Pictures! Here they are!

 We went to the Library today, and I picked up 8 books all for myself! (Hope I can finish them!)
Love this Shot!

I am not sure what these yellow flowers are, but we suddenly have several small bushes of them blooming! there are very beautiful, but for all I know they could be weeds :)

   Our Marigolds have suddenly began to bloom like Crazy!

A Rose, in the shadows!

Our Spider Warts will be blooming soon! It is a Very neat looking plant!
Well that's all for now!

Some Craft, and Crochet Projects!

So I have been working on Lots of things, I have a few that will not be shown (since they are not finished yet :P) but Here are some items that are pretty much complete! :)

First off.... I Had some Knee Highs... (BTW, I LOVE Knee Highs!) that were a Bit to bright and Crazy, (Even though I LOVE Crazy colors!) They just would not go with any of My outfits (Stinky I know!) So I decided, To make Fingerless gloves! so I just cut off the feet, and walla! Cannot wait to wear them! (Not like I am rushing winter or anything.....)

( I still have to cut thumb holes.... but you get the idea)

Pretty Cool Huh? I Love the colors, but, I figure, If I wear a Black coat this winter, or something it will be OK, instead of trying to match them to an outfit! :)

So I found an old box of coffee filters, so I decided to make some flowers! (I made these several months ago, so they have gotten kind of smashed and disheveled....)

 They are not the best looking as I said before, they were made a few months ago, But I wanted to show them to you all! :)

Here is a Hat that I recently made!

I LOVE this Yarn! it is one of My Favs! It is Red Heart Super soft!

Threw in a red bow to see what it would look like!

Something special I did with this hat is worked in a round!

Close up so show what I mean.......

See how there is no seam? if you start from the middle, it just goes round and round!

I find that working in a round looks much better, there is no Ugly seam! which is a HUGE Plus!

Some Bows I have been working on......

So here is a Picture of all of them! (Please don't mind the Tails.... I Cannot cut them off unless I know that I will not need them for attaching onto something! (Just me :D)

OK, so I LOVE this one! It is so Crazy-Colored! it is My Little Sister's Favorite too!

I thought this one would be Great for someone dressed like a clown, or someone who like crazy colors....(Like me)

This one is neat, it has all the cool colors!

Made this one with my Red Heart Super soft! (Also pictured on the red hat above)

and a Baby Blue one!

And a Coffee Coaster Cozy that I made! going to be making a Ton of these! they are so Easy, and Really awesome!

This is Like My Favorite Brown Toggle Button! LOVE!

Had My little sister "Model" it for me :P (Love the OSHKOSH tag on her jumper :D had to add that)

 And this one I made, is a travel Mug Cozy, It is a Bow! I Saw it and LOVED it so I made one, and gave it to my friend! here are a few pictures that I took of it before I gave it away! :)

OK, so this is Like the BEST Garage sale Find that I have ever Found! :P I Got this Box of Ribbon (My Mom actually Paid for it :P) For 2 Dollars and 50 Cents!

All of it! for just $2.50 I was Thrilled! Cannot wait to make thinks using this ribbon! Tell me what your Best Garage Sale find was in the comments below! I would love to hear of them!

Well that's all for now!
Have a Great Evening everyone!

**NOTE** For some reason, the red yarn that I used in a lot of these projects, does not get it's picture taken well.... plus I accidentally had left My Camera on a different lighting setting from last time I used it, so the pictures are not all that great :D