Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Granny square-a-day Project!

 Hey Everyone! So it saddens me that I haven't posted in a Month, and I have been telling myself everyday for a week, that I was going to post this, I just never came around to it... so here goes!

At the end of last year, My Mom told me about a challenge that was going around, where you make a crocheted afghan in a year, but crocheting a square everyday, or a square every week.
well, my squares are so small, (about the size of my hand,) that I figured that by the end of the year, I would have an enormous afghan!
So I thought about it, and decided that I would make a square everyday for six months, and make and afghan, and then start a knew square, and make a second one in the remaining six months!
So by the end of this year (hopefully) I will have one afghan finish, and a bunch of squares for a second one!
Hopefully I feel dedicated to this project and I keep it going..... I am already behind quite a few squares, so I need to take a day and crochet like ten of them....
And part of My problem is I have really be in the mood to read, like I am devouring books!
I went to the Library with my Dad and siblings last night, and I got a whole arm full of books, when I know I should be crocheting with my spare time, I plan on curling up in a warm blanket, and reading for hours on end. ah! Why can't I read and crochet at the same time??? I think if I ever was given the chance to choose at what I would like to multitask at, I would say reading and crocheting, since that is the biggest thing that I struggle with! Of course if I sat long enough thinking about it, I would probably be able to think of all sorts of things..... Well, back to business!

Underneath are pictures of the different color combinations I am working with. 
I don't know how I am going to assemble them as of yet, but I want to wait until all of my squares are done, and then lay them out and see what I think then!

The Blue that I am using is my favorite color yarn for the project! Its Red heart Aruba sea!
Here are links to all of the yarn colors I am using.
Cafe Latte
Aruba Sea

Spring Green

These squares are so simple! you basically crochet a circle, and then you work around the edges with the contrasting color.

I Love the Cafe Latte, and the Aruba Sea together, they are a great color combo!

Okay, so here are a few things that I thought I would show you guys!
This owl tin, is where I keep my buttons! Isn't it cute?!

I was making so many Christmas gifts for people, and one of the projects needed big buttons.
So my Dad went to the store, and bought a bag of all different sized and colored buttons.

 These ones up above are my favorites, some of the you can't tell, but they are textured! They are awesome!

He also had to buy me some new hooks since when we moved I lost all but one of mine! and for Months I have been using my sisters which doesn't make her happy..... So my Dad got me two different sets!

The one with the smaller hooks came with a pair of scissors that collapse!
I tried to take a picture of the Hook sizes, not sure how clear is is, so it came with:
 And the Bigger set came with
L-11 = 8.0mm

Well Bye for now!

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