Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just some fun!

Here is a Picture that I took for a friend of ours who wanted a black and white picture of a windmill for their living room. Here are the Before and after shots..... I really Like how they turned out! :)

I Love the Red door!
 I took this Picture of Lake Michigan on our families most recent Vacation!

I actually took this with my phone that does not normally take good Pictures :D Glad this one turned out though!

I Love this Picture of a Fence! It looks so Rustic!
I have always Loved Water! and Taking Pictures of Water has always been one of my Favorite things to do! Here are a Couple Water Pictures that I took! :)

I Found this little Duck Family at a Park with My Family!

They were all snuggling together in the shade!

I was surprised at how close the Mother allowed me to get!

But Not for Long!
When Mother says lets go those little duckling sure know what she is talking about!

they hurried right behind their Mother!

And off they went into the pond!

Those Little Ducklings were so Cute! Well That is all for now!
Have a Nice Day!

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