Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lake Michigan!~

I Took These Pictures with My Phone The End of Last Year on our Last Vacation, of Lake Michigan, and I was Quite surprised at how well they turned out! So Here they are!

This is the Same Picture I had posted before, but this goes along with these! :)

It Was a Beautiful Day! It Was Very Windy and Gorgeous!

The Waves Were Very Rough, And My Dad Ended up Getting Soaked! :D

 These few Next Pictures were actually Taken By My Dad, But I thought I would Post them on here for you all to see!

Later My Dad Asked the Man What this was Called and I believe he said it was called Para-sailing!

It Looked Fun! (and Scary :D)

It Was A Great Day to spend time with Family and Friends!

Well that's All for now!
Have a Great Night!

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