Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

So due to Being Extremely busy over the last weekend, I was unable to Post concerning Fathers Day! So here it is a day late.....

Happy Fathers Day! to all you Fathers out there, and Especially to my Dad! There is really so much that we can thank our parents for, that sometimes you don't realize. I know most people say this about their dad, and I know its true for me personally, I have the best Dad ever! He provides for us, Loves us, and has fun with us! My dad is the Best that I could ever have asked for! But My Dad is not only good to our family, My Dad is a good friend to all who meet him, he is helpful, smart, and extremely thoughtful, he is a Great listener, he is willing to help when help is needed!

Found a couple sunset pictures! decided to post them!
The Kayak-er on the bottom right is my Dad :)

A Beautiful sunset!

I Love My Dad So very much! and I hope he had the Best Fathers Day Ever!

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