Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo!

Last week we went to the zoo!  I Got some Pictures! so here they are!

The Fountain!

The Pond was Full of Lily Pads!
Dragon Fly on the Lily Pad!


And a Turtle!

This is The Oddest and Coolest looking flower I have every seen, and gotten a picture of!

It looks so neat!

This Lion was happy to sprawl out in the shade! it was a Very hot day!


Mama Peacock also known as Peahen and Baby Peacock also know as peachick!

Peachick frightened by the Huge ostrich!

Safe with Mama peahen!

that little Peachick was so Cute!

Daddy Peacock! and His beautiful feathers!

and his Beautiful Head!

Baby Peachick!

You may notice as you go through this post's that I enjoy taking Pictures of flowers! :)

This Peacock could see itself in the glass and desperately wanted to fight! he kept attacking the door! and he definitely had a crowd watching him!

This Deer (Not sure what kind) Looked like it was stuck in the branches!

was not to thrilled to get it's picture taken....

Beautiful color's!

These next few are probably my Favorite flower shot's!

They (Zoo staff) had Placed a Hose up in a tree, to cool people off as they passed!

Straight on! Oh it Felt so Good!

 Had a Nice Day besides the heat, Was Glad to get out with My Camera and get some pictures!
Have a Great Day!

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