Monday, July 8, 2013

Camping Trip for the 4th of July!

We went camping this last weekend for the fourth of July! we had a Lot of fun! Here are some Pictures I took!

This is our Friends Dog Baylee, She is a German Shepherd and a Very good Dog!

Levi, one of the Cutest Little Guys I know!

Helping build the fire, by throwing in little sticks!

A Dragonfly the kids caught!

What a Cute Face!!!

My Dad was  blowing into the fire, to get it going, so Levi, took a stick and began to tap my Dad's Back :)


This is His Reaction afterwards..... He thought he was Hilarious, because he was!
My Sister being the little Mommy!

Another one of the Cutest Babies I know!

she sure was enjoying her time in the wagon!


Levi sharing his toys with Alyssa!
Alyssa Enjoying her slinky!

Levi with his Squirt Gun!

Him "Shooting" Me
Levi letting me take a picture of his gun!

Him Saying "Boooom"
I seriously can't get over his cuteness! He likes when you act like he really hit you, and he would crack up! caught him just in time! He Looks So Happy!

Like this shot, where he is "Shooting" Me, and you can see him in the background!
My Sister was very tired, so she took a little nap! :)
So My Firework pics are not the best, I forgot my Tripod, and My "Clicker" so I was unable to get the greatest pictures.... but I like how some of them turned out!
Red, White, and Blue!



a Lot of these remind me of when you squint at Christmas Lights...




Looks, like Space to me :P

Grand Finale! Looks Like a Huge Explosion!

I thought this one was pretty cool looking too! :)

Well That's all for now! Hope you all have a great day!


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