Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Christmas Tree Hunt!

So yesterday, we went with some friends to pick out our Christmas tree! It was my first time ever getting a real tree! Since we moved, we now have the room for a real one!
I took this picture on the way there, it's a little blury due to the fact we were driving, but I thought it looked pretty neat! Almost like a painting!

So these next few picture are of snow in the trees needles! I love these pictures!

Trees out in a field! This picture was a bit washed out so I just darkened the contrasting colors!

A tree aisle! There were rows upon rows of trees! We wanted the perfect one, and we finally found one that we all liked!

We brought it home and let it rest over night. And we will probably decorate it today! 
Well gotta go! 
Have a great day!

I bought an iPod touch a few days ago, all pictures in the post were taken with it! I'm loving the camera feature! 

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